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Phoenix Automation and Sales distributes automation and robotic components to a wide variety of industries that serve the California, Nevada and Arizona markets. Our goal is to provide quality leading edge products at extremely competitive pricing.



We specialize in those items that are used on most automated machines and industrial/laboratory robots including; pneumatic, electrical motion control, sensors and robotic end or arm tooling and gripping.

Are you ready for the best?

Phoenix Automation acts as the intermediary, ensuring that you receive the best products from the best manufacturers at the best price.


With Phoenix Automation, you have access to exclusive products provided by the nation’s leading manufacturers in the industry.

Product Spotlight

Innovative Vacuum for Automation

Schmalz has revolutionized the industry with their patented modular system for vacuum end effectors (VEE).

Individual Configuration

  • Flexible modular design with perfectly coordinated parts
  • Variable number of suction pads and variable suction pad distances
  • Hose-free vacuum distribution

Reduced Construction and Manufacturing Effort

  • Significant reduction of construction effort by modular design principle and CAD data (available online)
  • Minimizes configuration and production time by more than 80%
  • Reduces manufacturing costs by up to 75%

Minimum Weight for Maximum Process Speeds

  • Complete end effector with SPB4-30 bellows suction pad and quick change coupler weighs as low as 95 g
    (even by selective laser sintering SLS, this can hardly be achieved)
  • Designed for high-speed applications with accelerations up to 10 g(100 m/s²)

Outstanding Hygiene Properties

  • FDA-compliant polysulfone material (PSU)
  • Suitable for steam sterilization (up to 134°C at 3 bars pressure)
  • Excellent resistance to cleaning agents used in the food industry

Collaborative Robotics provided by

Collaborative robots (sometimes known as cobots) work side by side with humans in a shared work environment. These cobots dramatically increase your workplace efficiencies and maximize your throughput. The Zimmer Group is a pioneer and one of the world’s
leading manufacturers of components in the area of human/robot collaboration. They develop products in pursuit of their goal to increase the efficiency of work processes by fostering the type of collaboration between humans and machines that makes optimal use of their potential.